Directions to the School of Theatre and Dance, 1325 Theatre Drive

E. Turner Stump Theatre
This 506-seat continental style-theatre has housed major productions since 1960 and was fully renovated in 1989. The large trapped stage measures 100 feet by 45 feet with a gridiron height of 65 feet. Movable draperies accommodate both intimate and spectacular productions of theatre and dance.

Wright-Curtis Theatre
This 225-seat theatre utilizes movable seating, flexible traps, and a catwalk system to provide variety in production from conventional thrust and arena configurations to those utilizing multiple vertical levels and acting areas.

Porthouse Theatre
Located at the gateway to the Blossom Music Center (near Akron), Porthouse Theatre serves as the home of the Porthouse Theatre Company, a professional Equity Company operated by the Kent/Blossom Theatre Program. This beautiful covered pavilion arts center includes a 512-seat thrust theatre, concession stand, full catering for shows and a picnic pavilion.
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Erdmann-Zucchero Black Box Theatre
This flexible seating theatre serves as a multipurpose performance area for acting and directing classes and production rehearsals. Throughout the academic year, theatre students and faculty members gather in this space for student produced work including short presentations of outstanding classroom and experimental work by student actors and directors. Please see our campaign to name this new theatre for Louis Erdmann and William Zucchero.

Design Studio
Design and technology students at Kent learn to draw, paint and draft in both the traditional methods and in our new graphics/CAD/and sound computer laboratory.

Acting Studios
The School has two new acting studios equipped with audio and video presentation, mirrors and dance floors.

School Computer Lab
The school computer lab features computers with dual flat screen monitors, high end plotters and printers, flat bed and slide scanners and a digital sound editing station. Software includes, AutoCAD, Poser, Microsoft Office Suite, Vector Works Spotlight, Lightwright, Sound Forge, SFX Sound Playback, Vegas Video, Acid Pro, Cameo, and Adobe Photoshop with more to come!

Costume Shop
The costume shop at Kent has natural light, two fitting rooms and a resource room for designers. There are separate dying and crafts areas and newly renovated dressing and wig and makeup rooms. Students learn to build modern and period costumes using a variety of construction techniques.

Props and Crafts Laboratory
Students learn upholstery, millinery, mask making, and a great variety of 3-Dimensional crafted mascots and characters.

Scenery Construction Laboratory
The Scenery Construction Lab is equipped with a "saw stop" table saw, band saw, drill press, lathe, panel saw and other tools. Scenery students learn to construct scenery and furniture props here.

Lighting Laboratory
Students learn to design with conventional and automated lighting equipment. Lighting control consoles include Strand, ETC and Grand MA. The School offers advanced courses in Lighting Technology and Automated Lighting Programming.

Welding LabWelding Laboratory
Students learn welding, metal-working and metal construction techniques.

Scene Shop
The fully equipped Scene Shop is located between E. Turner Stump and Wright-Curtis Theatres. Students learn skills in metal-working, rigging and specialized crafts as well as traditional and advanced construction techniques.

Dance Studios
Three large studios serve as the primary spaces for dance technique classes and rehearsals. Both have sprung wood floors covered with marley, mirrors, fully equipped sound systems and pianos for class accompaniment. Students may request studio space by advanced application to the Dance Secretary in the Dance Office. Men’s and women’s showers and locker facilities are located conveniently nearby.

Physical Therapy
Dancers can receive preventative exercises and treatment for injuries through University Health Services. After diagnosis by one of the physicians, or through referral by the Dance Division Director, a student may receive evaluation and treatment at the Physical Therapy department, located downstairs. A wide variety of treatment modalities are available and communication with the Dance Division Director and faculty facilitates a quick return to full movement capacity. The School has a new Rehabilitation Studio for this purpose.

Performing Arts Library
The Performing Arts Library, located in the basement of the Music and Speech Center (room D-003) houses approximately 92,000 items relating to the study and performance of music, theatre and dance. The library has study areas, listening rooms and two computer labs.